In accordance with the Spanish “Ley Orgánica” law 15/1999 of the 13th December, regarding the data protection of personal information, Armando Álvarez, requires your authorisation to process this information, whilst informing the Client/User of the usage of this information within the electronic database of Armando Álvarez.

In the same way, you must be aware of the automatic electronic handling by which your information will be submitted to the company due to your navigation of the Armando Álvarez website, enquiry, and information request or contracting of any product or service, or any transaction or operation carried out with the aim for us to market our services. The Client/User has the right to refuse the handling of any of their information which is not essential for a contract to be carried out or its usage for any other reason than to maintain the working contract, bearing in mind that these options depend on the type of contract in place.

The Client/User accepts the fact that their information may be passed on to Armando Álvarez subsidiaries or third parties, exclusively for the purpose outlined in the previous paragraph. With this in mind, the Client/User accepts that Armando Álvarez / its subsidiaries or third parties will send information regarding any product or service that is being offered. The approval by the Client/User for their information to be handled or passed on in the manner outlined in this paragraph, can always be revoked, without any retrospective effects in accordance with the 6 y 11“Ley Orgánica” law 15/1999.

The navigation across any part of the Armando Álvarez website by the Client/User will be registered in an electronic database and handled in the same discrete manner as per the previous paragraphs. This database will allow Armando Álvarez to uncover errors or problems which may arise, resolve them as quickly as possible and continue to offer the Client/User the services requested and others that may be of their interest. Once this information has been registered for the first time the Client/User will not have to sign up each time to access areas and services reserved for them. At no point will these files reveal the name and surname of the Client/User, nor allow their hard drive to be read, nor allow the same type of electronic files created by other suppliers to be accessible.