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Agriculture Applications

Agriculture Applications


  • Irrigation Reservoirs
  • Ornamental ponds
  • Flexi tanks
  • Channels
  • Agricultural Structures coverings
  • ALVATECH HDPE smooth or structured geomembrane

    Smooth (ALVATECH 5002) or structured (ALVATECH FIX) waterproofing sheet of high density polyethylene. The specific formulation of the product gives it excellent weldability; its mechanical properties and chemical resi9stacne stand out.

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  • ALVATECH VLDPE geomembrane

    Waterproofing sheet manufactured with a formulation based on very low density polyethylene, emphasizing its excellent welding properties and high flexibility. The sheet is even more flexible than the LLDPE.


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  • LDPE geomembrane

    Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) black waterproofing sheet, designed for waterproofing small hydraulic works and temporary Municipal Urban Waste.

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    Translucent sheet made of High Density Polyethylene and a special UV stabilization package, which avoid the harmful effects of direct solar radiation.

    Revlam Agro: the main applications are zenith windows, side bands and anterooms.

    Revlam Gutter: perfect for diverting away rain water, especially for typical Almería Greenhouses.

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Technological and innovative solutions

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The Armando Alvarez Group of Companies is currently the largest Spanish converter of plastic polyethylene film..

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