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Characterised by the use of different polymers (polypropylene, medium density polyethylene films with a thickness down to 25µ) and with  higher demands  in the finishing and handle of the film, the GAA is the European provider for the major clients in this sector. Huge experience in the printing of film for small development handkerchiefs. Formulations to cover any need. Heptachromie printing is possible. Huge capacity for coextrusion and printing, and highly specialised in machines and personnel.

Also for this sector the GAA manufactures and markets wicketed bags with the special features of the product but meeting the requirements of this market.

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A wide range of films for all kinds of applications

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The Armando Alvarez Group of Companies is currently the largest Spanish converter of plastic polyethylene film..

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A universe of solutions

Our long experience in working with the top companies in each sector allows us to adapt and create tailor-made solutions. What do you need?

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