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COVID-19 release


Dear all,
On March 14th, the Spanish Government through Royal Decree 463/2020, declared the "State of Alarm" in order to address the health emergency caused by the coronavirus COVID-19, determining a set of actions aimed at protecting the health of citizens.
Within the guidelines established as necessary to ensure the provision of all services, ordinary or extraordinary, for the protection of persons, goods and places, article 15 makes express reference of "Measures to guarantee food supply".
For its part, the "Royal Decree-Law 8/2020 of 17th March on extraordinary emergency measures in order to face the economic and social impact of the COVID-19", establishes as a top priority in economic issues, the protection and support of the industrial and social fabric.
In this context, all persons within the Armando Alvarez Group, want to share that, as an act of responsibility, we are working intensely in order of helping to ensure the necessary industrial productions, to maintain the supply chain to the companies that integrate the most strategic sectors that we belong to, assuring this way, a proper attention to cover the entire population, in respect of access to basic goods such as medicines, pharmacy, food and drinks, medical material and protective equipment.
Within the development of our normal activity, we had already implemented a number of practices in accordance with food accreditations corresponding to the BRC A, BRC AA and FSCC 22000 regulations that meet hygiene standards well above the usual practice. In addition, as a result of the special circumstances caused by the health crisis we are experiencing, all our societies have adopted a wide range of very demanding protocols, which have been proposed by the health and government authorities towards safety of all staff.
We are aware that these strict measures involves an additional effort, both for our workers and their families, as well as for external collaborators, but we assume them with the conviction that they are clearly focus to protect the health of all of them, preventing the virus from spreading  and maintaining the basic supply chain.
Now more than ever, it is necessary to emphasize the commitment and work of each of us as part of the Armando Alvarez Group, without forgetting the members of our collaborating companies, Public Administrations (State, Autonomous and Local), State Security Forces and Corps, Health Personnel and all those who in one way or another, work for the whole society.
In conclusion, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone, as we are convinced that thanks to this support we will overcome this difficult situation.



José Ramón Alvarez

Chairman & CEO



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